Klay Martens

Klay Martens

Managing Director & Lead Data Scientist

A tenured data scientist at the forefront of a number of major predictive analytics projects throughout South Africa over the past two decades. Focused on technical detail, and with a proclivity for next level custom solutions, Klay continually pushes the forefront of applied predictive analytics in a measured and effective way.

Tyler Donaldson

Tyler Donaldson

Technical Director & Senior Data Scientist

A senior consulting data scientist, come data-driven solutions specialist, with a broad range of experience in a number of projects across several industries, software suites and programming languages. An innovative and systemic thinker, with a flair for problem solving and an end-to-end technical knowledge.

Gareth Farquharson

Senior Data Scientist

A senior consulting data scientist with over 10 year experience. Gareth has extensive hands-on experience in the financial analytics space, and has a knack for quickly developing solutions from scratch, no matter the tech stack, and making things happen.

MDS Decision Center


  • MDS Decision Center (MDSDC) is a next-generation, python based platform that is easily scalable in all directions to meet the most demanding loads.
  • The platform uses in memory databases and efficient processing to out-perform other major decision platforms using a fraction of the resources. This dramatically reduces operational costs.
  • Through several decades of hands on experience in most major decision platforms, MDS has distilled the very best operational design and shed the excess, to create a lean, fast and efficient tool.
  • As with all major decision platforms, MDSDC has a data scientist ready front end for rapid development. The front end is browser based for ease of deployment. The MDSDC difference is that the data scientist has complete control, can use fully custom Python code and receive execute level logging. This realised vision of a full control, Python based decision platform is the next step for in-house decisioning systems. A system by expert data scientists, for expert data scientists.
  • And since MDSDC is a no-nonsense, optimised platform, the price point comes in under all other major, lumbering big-name platforms